Bluelab Dosetronic® Controller

The simple solution for automatic nutrient feeding in re-circulating hydroponic systems.

Manage the vital nutrient solution levels automatically so you have the freedom to tend to the daily needs of your crop. Simply program the controller with the conductivity (nutrient) and pH values that you want your system to run at and tailor the dosing intervals to suit the size of your mixing tank via the peristaltic pumps or solenoids. The Dosetronic® Controller will then take care of the hard work for you.

By using high performance conductivity and pH probes, the Dosetronic® Controller will intelligently control the strength of your solution to a high level of accuracy. When it detects that the conductivity or pH levels have fallen outside of your pre-programmed set points, the Dosetronic® Controller will automatically trigger the dosing of more nutrient or pH corrector until those levels have stabilized. The temperature function gives you the choice to control either the nutrient solution temperature, or the air temperature, depending on which is more critical to your growing environment. These features enable fast and accurate adjustments to the feed system as the needs of the crop change.

The Bluelab Dosetronic® Controller is sold with two different dosing systems - one for commercial systems, and one for small commercial or hobby systems.

Save time and money, improve accuracy and retain control - the Dosetronic® Controller backs you up!

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2 year guarantee for Bluelab Dosetronic® Controller
6 month guarantee for Bluelab Dosetronic® pH Probe
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Download a diagram to see how a Dosetronic feed system can be set up:

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Common questions asked about the Dosetronic® Controller:

What is Automatic Temperature Compensation?

Also known as ATC, Automatic Temperature Compensation is a signal from a separate or built in temperature sensor is fed into the pH meter so that it can accurately determine the pH value at that temperature.

Read more about measuring temperature.

Why do we need to clean the probes on Bluelab instruments?

A clean probe is an accurate probe!

Cleaning is the most important piece of maintenance required on any Bluelab instrument. The probe comes into contact with the solution and relay the reading back to the instrument for it to be displayed. The probe surface is susceptible to being contaminated or being covered in a greasy film that inhibits an exact reading. There are no shortcuts to cleaning the probes. It is already a very simple procedure and it will also ensure your instrument measures it right every time.

Watch any cleaning and calibration demo in our video library, or download a product manual to see how easy probe cleaning is.

Bluelab probe care kits contain instructions and all the tools you need to clean your probes.

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