Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect

Stay connected to your plants- monitor, data log, and remotely view in real time pH, conductivity and temperature readings

The Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect is not only a constant indicator of the desired levels of pH, conductivity and temperature of your nutrient solution, it also data logs these critical parameters to your computer for you.
It does not stop there. You can access the data via the cloud from a remote mobile device or computer to check for extreme variances to ensure these critical parameters are hitting the mark for crop success.

Just one Bluelab Connect Stick is required to receive wireless data from one or more Guardian Monitor connects.
For remote or cloud access, the computer you are already data logging to will need permanent internet access.

Bluelab Guardian Connect has a High Presure Probed designed for In-line systems. Learn more about our 

Bluelab Guardian Connect In-line

Bluelab 2 year guarantee   Bluelab 6 month guarantee   Wall mount   
2 year limited guarantee for Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect
6 month limited guarantee for Bluelab pH Probe
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Bluelab pens, meters, monitors and controllers can be used in a wide range of industries for home through to commercial applications.

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The main questions people ask about the Guardian Monitor Connect:

How far apart can my connect stick and connect device be?

The line-of-sight distance between a connect stick and the connect device (ie Guardian Monitor Connect or Connect Range Extender) should be:
  • Indoor up to 66ft or 20 M
  • Outdoor up to 164 ft or 50 M

Bluelab recommend positioning your Connect Range Extender and the Guardian Monitor Connect as high off the ground as possible, 6ft / 1.8M is the optimum height.

Why does moving my device further away from the Connect Stick make its signal strength improve?

Radio frequency transmissions are prone to fading and interference, which can cause peaks and troughs in signal strength. You may find that moving a device even a short distance has a large effect on signal strength.

Why does my signal strength change when the devices are in a fixed location?

Radio frequency transmissions are very sensitive to the environment  so many factors can affect how strong the signal is. This includes wind, rain, moving objects and interference from electrical devices such as microwaves or motors and pumps.
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