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Bluelab Connect Software enables you to collect data on your crop to spot trends over your growing cycles.

Bluelab Connect devices can connect wirelessly to a computer at a grow site / greenhouse via the Bluelab Connect Stick, which enables the data logging of pH, Conductivity and Temperature to the FREE Bluelab Connect Software. The logged information is viewed on a computer and can also be accessed remotely via the cloud from a mobile device or other computer, allowing the grower to view the status of the grow system 24 hours a day.

Update your current Bluelab Connect Software to to ensure you’re getting the most from your connect software.  
Upgrading to the newest version will keep your network and alarm settings, so you don’t need to reset anything. No data loss- safe for mid grow cycle.

It just takes a couple on minutes, simply follow the 3 steps:
1. Download newest version using download buttons below
2. Close current version
3. Run install of the current download by double clicking file and follow on screen prompts.


Windows 7 SP1+  
 press to download connect software

You can be confident Bluelab Files are always from a trusted source -
latest downloads will need to be acepted by your security program in order to install correctly.

macOS 10.8.3 +

*Downloads require Java 8+ for Mac users - get it here

Linux distributions able to support Java 8+

Important: Please note we can only provide very limited technical support for Linux.
Due to the variations in hardware and software in Linux systems, we recommend trying a
Bluelab® ConnectTM Stick with the Bluelab® ConnectTM software before purchasing further Bluelab® ConnectTM devices.

If you have any queries please contact us in advance.

Bluelab Connect Software logs .CSV files which can be opened in Excel, Word or Notepad and organized in folders, to simplify finding and managing your data. The data collected enables data analysis and trend reporting to spot trends over grow cycles.

The data the Bluelab cloud collects over time delivers you the power to analyse which conditions produce your biggest, fastest yields and understand the conditions which caused crop issues.  You can download the log file and add your own notes next to your EC/ppm, pH and temperature data, to create and save your unique grow history and analyse and compare results over time.

Use with any Bluelab Connect Product

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Bluelab pens, meters, monitors and controllers can be used in a wide range of industries for home through to commercial applications.

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Download these documents for more information on using your Connect Software.

Connect Software Troubleshooting Guide

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