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BluelabGrowBook-EnglishBluelabGrowBook-EnglishBluelab’s knowledge-base contains articles, booklets, charts and tips to help you learn more about measuring pH, conductivity and temperature.

This section is dedicated to providing helpful information, so you can grow better plants or have healthier fish, no matter what size hydroponics or aquaponics system you have.


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Think of nutrients like a lock, pH is the key

Find the best pH range for plants.

Aquaponics systems

It's easy to check if you're growing healthy plants and fish. See how here...

From time to time Bluelab will release articles pertinent to the hydroponic and horticultural industry. These articles will be diverse and will range from technical insights, educational articles, guest writers, feedback from our customers and distributors, feature articles about our retailers, where in the World have we been and much more.

Please feel free to contact us if you feel there is something Bluelab could place in this section that would be helpful to you.