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Bluelab Corporation Limited
8 Whiore Avenue, Business Estate
Tauranga 3110, New Zealand
Phone: +64 7 578 0849

For Technical Support from North America you are welcome to use our USA Freephone:

1-855-5bluelab (1-855-525-8352)

For Technical Support from Europe you are welcome to call our Netherlands office:

+31 (0) 85 05 16 848 
Bluelab is open from 8.00 till 5.00 Monday to Friday. (NZST)
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North America Technical Support 7:00 am – 5:00 pm (PST)
Netherlands Technical Support 8.30am – 5.00pm  (CET)

If you have just purchased a Bluelab product you may Register Your Complimentary Product Guarantee here.
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We are unable to reply to some email addresses so we have asked for your phone number as a way of answering your enquiry. All emails come directly to Bluelab and the appropriate person will then reply to your email. We will endeavour to reply within 24 hours. We look foward to hearing from you.