Pulse. Change your game in the greenhouse.

Still measuring root zone moisture, nutrient (EC) and temperature the hard way? Now you can measure root zones faster with Pulse™ - the new handheld root zone meter that goes where you grow. Pulse connects directly to the Pulse™ app on your smartphone for instant and accurate crop-health management. Measure direct in soils, coco coir blends and potting mixes.


One press, three instant measurements

Quickly and accurately measure moisture, EC and temperature directly in the root zone. No more pour-throughs, extractions or kicking pots.

  • Moisture

    Optimise irrigation cycles and water consumption, and control risk of root infections

  • Nutrient

    Optimise growth by ensuring the right amount at every growth stage of your plants

  • Temperature

    Spot temperature fluctuations, optimise root function and control the health of biologicals

Features & Benefits

  • Measure more, faster with three measurements in under 10 seconds
  • Get measurements directly in substrates and rootzones with the robust 8”/200mm probes
  • Auto sync, view, analyse and store all your measurement data in the Pulse app
  • Measure in a range or growing media including soils, potting mixes and coco coir blends
  • Move faster with Blink™ – get quick in or out-of-range measurement indicators on the Pulse Meter
  • Measure consistently with the built-in depth gauge
  • Record notes quickly in the app to track useful information such as measurement location or plant observations.
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Plant-health in the palm of your hand

Enhanced technology sends data directly to the Pulse™ app, providing growers with fast and accurate information to better manage crop health, without the need to connect to a computer.

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Get your A game on. Order your new Pulse meter today.

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